This section depicts Clyde

This section depicts Clyde - This section depicts Clyde's...

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Unformatted text preview: This section depicts Clyde's early months in Lycurgus. He begins doing menial work in his uncle's shirt and collar factory. Accented by Gilbert Griffiths' pejorative opinions of his country cousin, Clyde's day-to-day reality unfolds. At a dull church social, Clyde falls in with three young pagans. Belatedly, the wealthy Griffiths family invites their poor relative to supper; that evening he fleetingly observes Sondra Finchley. Not long afterward Samuel Griffiths, disturbed by his nephew's toiling in the factory basement, orders Gilbert to give Clyde a better job. Clyde then deserts his trio of friends. Chapters 1 and 2 of this section are set three years after the close of Book I and include descriptions of the grand Lycurgus home of Samuel Griffiths, a sharp contrast to the opening of Book I. We first see Clyde from the viewpoint of his uncle; returning from a business trip, he relates to his family his...
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