This section details Clyde

This section details Clyde - This section details Clyde's...

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Unformatted text preview: This section details Clyde's love affair with Roberta Alden. Resolving to make good as a supervisor, Clyde nevertheless is attracted to a newly hired girl. After accidentally meeting at a lake one Sunday, the two conspire to meet again. In time, his desire and persuasion win over her desire and scruples; they meet secretly in her room. Like Clyde, the other workers are (according to Dreiser) in the grip of a mechanistic universe. In spite of Clyde's elevated status, sexual chemistry and physical beauty inflame him. Sensual employees and summer afternoons arouse his dream life and disturb his managerial equanimity. Roberta Alden is more charming (yet no less vigorous) than the foreign-born temptresses, and like Clyde, she is sexually stirred. Though tolerant of foreign mores, Roberta herself is controlled by her situation, shyness, religion, and morality; in time, however, her sexual chemistry compels her by chance...
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