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Until the end - Until the end Dreiser's novel has...

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Unformatted text preview: Until the end, Dreiser's novel has documentary appeal, in itself and in its use of documents. Unlike Clyde, Elvira Griffiths, as a crusading mother and correspondent, gets a good press, but in time Clyde's notoriety wanes. Nicholson, the condemned ex-lawyer, advises Clyde that in the event of another trial only a digest of the facts in Roberta's letters (not the emotional letters themselves) should be admitted as evidence. Sondra's unsigned typewritten note is alien to her early inanities. After destroying his own letters, the refined Nicholson leaves Clyde his copies of Robinson Crusoe and The Arabian Nights — titles symbolic of Clyde's being a solitary dreamer and a beached fantast. However, the central document in Clyde's life becomes the Holy Bible, from which McMillan quotes freely. Clyde's letter of Christian victory seems almost as hollow and mechanical as Elvira's last reply freely....
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