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Unformatted text preview: When James, therefore, creates a certain type of character early in the novel, this character will act in a consistent manner throughout the entire novel. This is being realistic. The character will never do anything that is not logical and acceptable to his realistic nature, or to our conception of what that character should do. In later years, James in writing about The American thought that in one incident he had himself violated his realism. This concerns the Bellegardes. He later felt that the Bellegardes "would positively have jumped then . . . at my rich and easy American, and not have 'minded' in the least any drawback — especially as, after all, given the pleasant palette from which I have painted him, there were few drawbacks to mind." This then was the type of realism which James was concerned with — a faithful rendition of character in any given situation. And as with the Bellegardes, never to with — a faithful rendition of character in any given situation....
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