When Newman told Mrs

When Newman told Mrs - When Newman told Mrs. Tristram of...

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Unformatted text preview: When Newman told Mrs. Tristram of his failure to see Madame de Cintré, she advised him to carry out his plan to "see Europe." He then began a long tour of Europe seeing the churches, monuments, pictures and other treasures of the continent. In Holland, he met a young American named Babcock who was a Unitarian minister. They became traveling companions. After traveling together for some time, Mr. Babcock realized that Newman was a very noble person, but perhaps, he thought Newman was too hasty to make judgments. Mr. Babcock thought Newman was not discriminating enough: "He liked everything, he accepted everything, he found amusement in everything." He considered Newman lacking in "moral reaction" and determined to break with Newman. He then explains to Newman how different they are: "You think I take things too hard, and I think you take things too easily. We can never agree." He tells Newman that "you are too passionate, think you take things too easily....
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