When Newman took Valentin to his apartment

When Newman took Valentin to his apartment - When Newman...

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Unformatted text preview: When Newman took Valentin to his apartment, he asked him directly to tell him something about Madame de Cintré Valentin tells him that he cannot be objective because he admires his sister too much. He explains that she is the perfect combination of all the finest qualities of the world. She is kind, charitable, gentle, generous, and intelligent. She is both grave and gay. Valentin then explains about Madame de Cintré's first husband. He was an odious old man of sixty years who had been guilty of misusing property that belonged to relatives. When he died, there were many court battles to gain possession of the property. Madame de Cintré found it so obnoxious that she promised her mother to do anything her mother asked her for ten years (except marry again) if she could drop the suit....
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