While showing Clyde

While showing Clyde - While showing Clyde's temporary run...

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Unformatted text preview: While showing Clyde's temporary run of social luck, the narrator insists on his protagonist's essential deficiency. Disposed to concern itself with immediate cares, Clyde's temperament is "as fluid and unstable as water." Among the elite he often feels ineffective, doubtful, uneducated. If Sondra Finchley seems at times beyond his grasp, Bertine Cranston seems beyond his comprehension. When Roberta discloses her pregnancy, Clyde feels most inept. Not Clyde's spiritual poverty, but his material poverty, compels urbane society to decree that Clyde is socially but not matrimonially eligible. Because her love for Clyde overreaches her moral training, Roberta practices duplicity. If caught, she plans to explain that Clyde is a relative and then move on to another boarding house. Similarly, Sondra popularizes Clyde through her friends. Likewise, Clyde conceals Sondra's invitation from Roberta, and should anyone at the Trumbull party ask about his...
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