With the passing of time

With the passing of time - With the passing of time Newman...

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Unformatted text preview: With the passing of time, Newman has still done nothing about his revenge. He still feels, when he thinks of it, that he "was a good fellow wronged." And with this realization, he also came to another realization — that part of his revenge was leaving the Bellegardes in suspense as to when he would reveal the contents of the document. Returning to America, Newman was unable to renew old acquaintances. He has learned so much in Europe and his experiences there have been so intense and so deep, that he feels unable to communicate these feelings to his old friends; thus, he says nothing to them. This need to communicate his feelings ultimately leads him back to Mrs. Tristram, the only person to whom he can speak openly about his wrong. After talking to Mrs. Tristram and seeing the place where Claire de Cintré is imprisoned, he decides After talking to Mrs....
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