Act IV - They spend his final moments together and...

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Act IV Antony is at first despondent over his defeat. He places the blame on Cleopatra, who fled with her  ships. He jeers that she will desert him for Caesar, just as some of his troops already have. She  convinces him that he is wrong, and they courageously make one last attempt to defeat Caesar.  They win a battle, but their victory is short-lived, and finally they are absolutely defeated. Again,  Antony doubts Cleopatra's loyalty, and so she flees to her monument, the tomb where her body is to  be buried after her death. She hopes to make Antony see the error of his doubts about her by  sending him word that she is dead. Antony suffers great remorse and falls upon his sword. He does  not die immediately, however, and he is taken to the monument, where Cleopatra is waiting for him. 
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Unformatted text preview: They spend his final moments together, and Cleopatra is left to face the Romans alone. Act V This final act concentrates on Cleopatra's last hours, as she negotiates with the Roman victors. Caesar has promised that she will be treated with honor in Rome, but she has good reason not to believe him. One of Caesar's officers, Dolabella, warns her not to put her faith in Caesar's promises. Cleopatra resolves to die rather than be taken captive to Rome, and she and her women have a basket of poisonous snakes smuggled to them in order to commit suicide. Thus, both Antony and Cleopatra die and they ultimately deprive Caesar's final victory of its full glory, as he finally acknowledges....
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