After he leaves

After he leaves - After he leaves he walks at random for a...

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Unformatted text preview: After he leaves, he walks at random for a long time and finally finds himself near Mrs. Tristram's. He goes for a visit and she immediately knows that they have backed out. She admits that they are really aristocratic and points out that the Bellegardes want Madame de Cintré to marry Lord Deepmere. Mrs. Tristram also wonders what Valentin thinks about the entire situation. Then Newman remembers Valentin's plight and goes to his rooms where he finds a letter asking him to come immediately. He sits down and writes a note telling Madame de Cintré that he must go to Valentin who is "ill, perhaps dying," but he will come to her soon. Perhaps one of the greatest understatements of this chapter is made by Madame de Bellegarde when she asks Newman: "not to be violent. I have never in my life been present at a violent scene of any kind . . ." Yet, under all the calmness and quietness of this scene, there is a sense of impending any kind ....
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