Also - Also they fake other reasons for Clyde's false...

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Unformatted text preview: Also, they fake other reasons for Clyde's false confession to Mason. Unable to deny Clyde's two sham registrations and two hats, they play hocus-pocus with Clyde's gray suit (which he wears at the trial). Clyde is in awe of their trickery on his behalf, how they describe his "change of heart." Jephson's defense is that (1) Clyde never plotted murder because he is a moral and physical coward; that (2) Roberta as well as Clyde planned the trip; that (3) Clyde intended to tell Roberta about Sondra; and that (4) he intended to pay Roberta's expenses and then leave town. But after seeing Roberta again and spending two nights with her, Clyde experienced a change of heart: that is, (5) if Roberta still wanted to marry him after he told her about Sondra, Clyde would agree to marry Roberta; that (6) Roberta was indeed willing to marry Clyde; that (7) she jumped up happily, (8) the...
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