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Although totally estranged

Although totally estranged - Although totally estranged the...

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Unformatted text preview: Although totally estranged, the Karenins live as before. Anna continues to meet Vronsky but always away from home and her husband knows about it. All three endure their misery only because they hope for a change. Karenin expects this passion to pass with the lapse of time, while Anna hopes "something" will turn up to settle the situation. Vronsky, submitting to her lead, waits for the problem to clear up of itself without his taking any action. In the middle of winter, Vronsky spends a tiresome week showing a foreign prince the sights of the city. A "true gentleman," the visitor is a stupid, self-satisfied, immaculate person. Dignified and poised with his superiors, free and simple with his equals, contemptuously indulgent with his inferiors, the visitor is a disturbing mirror-image of Vronsky himself. When the foreigner finally leaves, Vronsky so relieved to be delivered from this distasteful self-reflection, engages in an all night revel...
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