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Personality Unique pattern of enduring psychological and behavioral characteristics by which each person can be compared and contrasted to others Psychodynamic approach Developed by Freud. Emphasizes role of unconscious mental processes in determining thoughts, feelings, and behavior ID One of the structures of personality. Contains basic instincts, desires, impulses w/ which people are born. Operates on pleasure principle. Eros- pleasure. Thanatos- death. ID seeks immediate gratification regardless of society’s rules or the rights and feelings of others. Libido Unconscious psychic energy that is contained in the id Pleasure principle Operating principle by which the wants and desires of the id push people do whatever feels good Ego Evolves from the id and attempts to statisfy the id’s demands w/out breaking society’s rules. Operates according to reality principle Reality principle Operating principle of ego b/c ego must find compromises btw irrational id impulses and demands of real world Superego Formed from internalized values and dictates what people should do and what people should not do. Can be thought of as operating on morality principle Defense mechanisms Unconscious psychological and behavioral tactics that help protect a person from anxiety by preventing conscious awareness of unacceptable id impulses and other unconscious material. Psychosexual stages Part of Freud’s pscyhodynamic theory of personality. Each stage distinguished by part of body from which person derives dominant pleasure. Oral stage First year of life when child derives pleasure from mouth. Problems that can lead to fixation may arise if this is bad. Anal stage Occurs during second year of lie when pleasure is derived from the anal area. Phallic stage Occurs from ages 3-5 when pleasure is derived from genital area. Oedipus complex Constellation of impulses that occur during the phallic stage. Boy’s id impulses involve sexual desire for the mother’s affection. Fear of retaliation causes boys to identify w/ their fathers and acquire male gender role behaviors.
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Electra complext Occurs during phallic stage when girls experience penis envy and transfer their love from mothers to fathers. Girls identify w/ mothers and acquire female gender role behaviors Latency period Occurs after phallic stage and lasts until puberty. Sexual impulses lie dormant during latency period. Genital stage Occurs from puberty onward. Genitals are primary source of sexual peasure. Satisfaction obtained is dependent upon resolution of conflicts experienced in earlier stages. Trait approach Personality is a unique combo of dispositions or tendencies to think and behave in certain ways. 3 basic assumptions are that dispositions are stable and consistent over time, tendency to to think and behave in certain ways is consistent in diverse situations and each person has a unique combo of dispositions.
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last 5 chapters psych - Personality Superego Unique pattern...

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