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ANGLO - AMERICA GENERAL – Combined Land Areas Greater Than Russia Canada = 2 nd USA = 4 th rd in Total Area Federal Systems in Both Canada = Parliamentary USA = Federal Republic Leaders of Free World Most Productive Very Rich Realm Highest Protein Consumption BOUNDARIES – NORTH > Arctic Ocean SOUTH > Mexico (Panama for N. America) EAST > Atlantic Ocean WEST > Pacific Ocean Anglo-America is a Cultural Realm North America is a Physical Region SUBDIVISIONS – French Influence > Quebec Province of Canada Danish Influence > Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) LANDFORMS – Plains > Canadian Shield Central Plains Central Valley of California Great Plains Plateaus > Colorado
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(Columbia) Cumberland Piedmont Mountains > Appalachian Highlands Adirondacks, Allegheny, Berkshires, Blue Ridge, Catskills, Great Smoky, Green, Poconos, and White Cascades Pacific Coast Ranges Rockies Brooks and Mackenzie Ranges Sierra Nevada Rivers > Mississippi Missouri, Ohio, Arkansas, and Red St. Lawrence Colorado Columbia Rio Grande
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