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EUROPE 2 STUDY GUIDE ANSWERS SESSION Hello: Your study guide session for Europe 2 follows → [Please answer at least ten (10) sets of questions.] 1. Name the six (6) countries of Mediterranean Europe. Which one, or more of these countries is not geographically part of Europe? 2. What language(s) is (are) widely spoken in each Mediterranean country? What language subfamily, or subfamilies are associated with each of these countries? 3. What religion(s) is (are) practiced by most of the people in each Mediterranean country? 4. Does each of these Mediterranean countries have an ample supply of mineral resources? If so, which countries, and what mineral(s)? If not, which countries lack amply mineral resources? 5. What is the dominant climatic sub-type throughout the Mediterranean subregion?. 6. Name the two (2) dominant manufacturing regions in the Mediterranean. Explain where each of these manufacturing regions is located. 7. Give at least four (4) advantages that northern Italy has in comparison to southern Italy. 8. Identify the principal products or services provided in Turin, Genoa, Milan, and Venice. 9. Name at least five (5) mountain ranges in the Mediterranean subregion. In what country, or countries are each of these mountain ranges located? 10. Name at least four (4) major rivers in the Mediterranean subregion? In what countries are each of these rivers located? 11. Name the four (4) major islands in the Mediterranean that are not independent countries. And, name the country to which each of these islands belongs. 12. List the five (5) major seas that are part of the Mediteranean Sea. Describe the location of each of these five seas.
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