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Europe Definitions - EUROPE DEFINITIONS ECUMENE the...

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EUROPE DEFINITIONS ECUMENE – the habitable portions of the earth’s surface where permanent human settlement is occurring PATTERN – the geometric arrangement of a spatial distribution DISPERSION – the extent to which a spatial distribution has spread DENSITY – the frequency of occurrence of a phenomenon within a given area DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITION MODEL – originally a three-stage model, based on the United Kingdom’s experience of changes in population growth in countries undergoing modern industrialization. High birth and death rates are followed by plunging death rates primarily because of significant reduction in infant mortality. The result produces a huge net population gain. Finally, birth and death rates converge at a low overall level. The model has been further refined into five-stages: 1) high birth and death rates; 2) high birth rate and lowering death rate; 3) lowering birth rate and low death rate; 4) low birth and death rates; and 5) birth rates lower than death rates. MIGRATION – a change in residence intended to be permanent. There are many different migration categories: 1 voluntary 2 involuntary 3 internal 4 international 5 rural to urban LINGUA FRANCA – the term derives from the Frankish language. Lingua franca applies to a tongue spoken in ancient Mediterranean ports that consisted of a mixture of Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, and even some Arabic. Today, it refers to a ‘common language’, a second language that can be spoken and understood by many peoples. NATION – a group of tightly knit people possessing bonds of: 1 language 2 ethnicity 3 religion 4 other shared cultural attributes Such homogeneity actually prevails within very few countries. NATION-STATE – a country whose population has a substantial degree of cultural homogeneity and unity . When two or more national groups come together to work toward a common good, a nation-state is created. A nation-state is perhaps the ideal form to which most governments aspire. STATE – a politically organized territory that is administered by a sovereign government and is recognized
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Europe Definitions - EUROPE DEFINITIONS ECUMENE the...

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