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1. What three (3) revolutions have occurred in Europe? 2. List the four (4) main physical regions of Europe. 3. In what physical region is the Paris Basin located? 4. The Pennines are part of what European physical region? 5. Name Western Europe’s longest river. 6. Name Western Europe’s busiest river. 7. What climate type covers the largest area in Western Europe? 8. Name the two (2) major subfamilies of languages spoken in Western Europe. 9. List the four (4) principal languages spoken in Switzerland. 10. What religion is most widely practiced by Europeans? 11. In rank order, list the three (3) Western European countries with growing Muslim populations. 12. What country is Europe’s leading agricultural producer? 13. What European country leads in industrial output? 14. Which city is Europe’s leading financial center? 15. Which city is Europe’s busiest port? 16. Define complementarity and give at least two (2) of countries that are in a position of
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Unformatted text preview: complementarity to one another. 17. In what European country did the Industrial Revolution begin? 18. Which cultural group dominates the United Kingdom? 19. List at least four (4) cities in the United Kingdom, and identify a product for which each city is known. 20. What is BENELUX? 21. What are polders? 22. Give at least five (5) reasons why Switzerland enjoys a high living standard. 23. What is acid rain, and what European countries are primarily affected by acid rain? 24. Define landlocked. 25. What is the Oresund Link? 26. List at least three (3) main disadvantages to living and working in Nordic Europe. 27. What is the most populous country in Western Europe? 28. Which Nordic European country enjoys the highest per capita income, and why? 29. Define infrastructure. 30. What is a primate city, and do all European countries each have a primate city?...
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