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Europe Study Guide - EUROPE (1) STUDY GUIDE = Use textbook,...

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EUROPE (1) STUDY GUIDE == Use textbook, notes, Study Maps folder, atlas, any search engine == GENERAL What two (2) factors make Europe unique? Diversity caused by complex topography, and dynamism, partly illustrated by the three (3) revolutions that have occurred . What were the three (3) revolutions? Most European countries are in Stage of the Demographic Transition Model. BOUNDARIES What are the physical boundaries of Europe? North arctic South mediterranean East- ural mts West- atlantic What are the political boundaries of this realm? The western borders of Russia and Turkey Name the five (5) subregions of Europe: in Study Maps folder with any comprehensive atlas, or search engine such as 'bing','google', or 'yahoo' for the answers.] The six (6) Western Uplands are: Scandanavian peninsula, Iceland, Ireland, Scottish highlands, Cambrian plateau, pennines, plateau of Brittany, Iberian peninsula The North European Lowland or great european Plain consists of: 1. Basin in southern France. 2. paris Basin of northern France. 3. of the Netherlands. 4. or Plain includes 5. Denmark, , and southern , as well as Poland, Kaliningrad (Russia), Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. 6. Southeastern Great Britain is called the .
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The Central Uplands are an area of hills and small plateaus comprising the: 1. massif central of France. 2. Mts. along the west bank of the Rhine in France. 3. Forest on Germany’s east bank of the Rhine. 4. Mts. along France’s Swiss border. 5. Belgium’s Forest. 6. Germany’s
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Europe Study Guide - EUROPE (1) STUDY GUIDE = Use textbook,...

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