EUROPE - EUROPE (2) STUDY GUIDE = Use textbook, notes,...

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EUROPE (2) STUDY GUIDE == Use textbook, notes, Study Maps folder, atlas, any search engine == MEDITERRANEAN EUROPE Name the western Mediterranean countries that occupy the Iberian Peninsula. Name the eastern Mediterranean countries that also are primarily located on peninsulas. Name the two (2) island countries located in the Mediterranean Sea. These countries joined the European Union in 2004. What religion is practiced by most of the people in each of the four (4) major Mediterranean countries? What is the only Mediterranean country to have ample amounts of coal and iron? This country is also a world leader in the mining of . What triggered Spain’s spectacular economic growth? What is the dominant manufacturing region of Spain? Spain’s climate is often termed the ‘ ‘ and the ‘ ‘ of Europe. What language of undetermined origin is spoken in the western Pyrennes? What product does Portugal supply the world? cork, from the cork oak . Northern Italy has several advantages over southern Italy. List these advantages. 1. 3. 2. 4. Identify the principal products or service provided by the people in the following Italian cities: Turin Genoa Milan Venice Match the following physical features: (more than one choice may be needed) 1. Appenines 6. Pyrennes a. divides France and Spain b. Greek island 2. Crete 7. Sardinia c. Italian island d. mountain range in Greece 3. Ebro 8. Sicily e. mountain range in Italy f. river in Italy 4. Pindus 9. Tagus g. river in Portugal h. river in Spain 5. Po EASTERN EUROPE – GENERAL
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Until the late 1980’s much of the region had been under whose control? The countries of Eastern Europe have lain behind what was termed the ‘ Curtain’. Why do geographers call this region a shatter belt ? Eastern Europe is the European realm at its most and , and is its most , least , and most . Eastern Europe is populated mostly by people. EASTERN EUROPEAN BOUNDARIES
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EUROPE - EUROPE (2) STUDY GUIDE = Use textbook, notes,...

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