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1 CSC 4304 - Systems Programming Fall 2010 Tevfik Ko ! ar Louisiana State University September 23rd, 2010 Lecture - IX Signals What is a Signal? • A signal is a software interrupt delivered to a process by the OS because: – it did something (segfault, FPE) – the user did something (pressed ^C) – another process wants to tell it something (SIGUSR?) • Sending a signal is one way a process can communicate with other processes • Some signals is asynchronous, they may be raised at any time (user pressing ^C) • Some signals are directly related to hardware (illegal instruction, arithmetic exception, such as attempt to divide by 0) - synchronous signals 2 Common Signals • SIGHUP (1): hangup - sent to a process when its controlling terminal has disconnected • SIGINT (2): interrupt - Ctrl-C pressed by user • SIGQUIT (3): quit - Ctrl-\ pressed by user • SIGILL (4): Illegal instruction (default core) • SIGABRT (6): Abort process • SIGKILL (9): kill (cannot be caught or ignored) • SIGSEGV (11): Segmentation fault • SIGALRM (14): Alarm cock timeout • SIGUSR[1,2]: User-defined signals • kill –l will list all signals 3 Process Groups 4 Sending Signals 5 Signals from Keyboard 6
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Signals from Command-Line 7 Signal Disposition • Ignore the signal (most signals can simply be ignored, except SIGKILL and SIGSTOP) • Handle the signal disposition via a signal handler routine. This allows us to gracefully shutdown a program when the user presses Ctrl-C (SIGINT). • Block the signal. In this case, the OS queues signals for possible later delivery • Let the default apply (usually process termination) 8 Actions on Signal 9 Default Actions 10 Default Signal Actions (BSD) No Name Default Action Description 1 SIGHUP terminate process terminal line hangup 2 SIGINT
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09-Signals_I - CSC 4304 - Systems Programming Fall 2010...

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