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Norway - Norway Cultural Characteristics Location Norway is...

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Norway: Cultural Characteristics Location: Norway is the most northern country in Europe, next to Sweden in the Scandinavian Peninsula. This unique country has more than 12.000 miles of coastline and is slightly larger than New Mexico. Despite its relatively large size, however, more than 70% of the land mass is uninhabitable due to glaciers, mountains, rivers, etc. Population: Norway has approximately 4.6 million people. Language: Two dialects of Norwegian are the official languages with a small Sami and Finnish speaking population. Government: Norway is a Constitutional Monarchy with Jens Stoltenberg as the current Prime Minister. History: Norway was established in the 8 th century when Vikings migrated there and eventually elected their first king, Olaf II Haraldsson at the start of the 11 th century. Norway maintained a peaceful relationship with its neighboring countries and the rest of Europe until WWII when it was invaded and taken over by German Nazis. Norway slowly regained control after joining NATO in 1949. Their economy continued to grow,
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