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Writing assignment 6 June 15, 2011 Name___________________________________ The Extended Golf Problem concerned a green that we represented as a circular region about the origin of radius 35. A ball travels along a straight line from a point outside the green in the left half-pane across a portion of the green and exits the green at the point (35, 0). We noticed that when the starting point was (-40, -50), the entry point had rational coordinates (a nice feature for an exercise for students).
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Unformatted text preview: We wondered whether the entry point would have rational coordinates for other starting points. After having worked on this question, there may be some things that you dont feel you understand yet. You may have asked some new questions of your own. In this writing assignment, you are simply asked to write out any unanswered questions that you have. Make the questions as clear and specific as possible, so other can understand what is on your mind....
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