Alcohol and Nutrition _Practice Questions, Study Resources_

Alcohol and Nutrition _Practice Questions, Study Resources_...

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HUN 2201 REVIEW MATERIAL- ALCOHOL AND NUTRITION Practice Test Questions- Alcohol and Nutrition 1. Which of the following defines a moderate level of alcohol intake per day for the average- sized woman? a. Up to 1 drink b. Up to 2 drinks c. Up to 3 drinks d. Up to 5 drinks 2. The metabolism of alcohol begins in the a. liver. b. brain. c. stomach. d. intestines. 3. In the average healthy person, about how much time is required by the liver to process the alcohol in a typical drink? a. 15 minutes b. 30 minutes c. 1 hour d. 2 hours 4. What is MEOS? a. An advanced liver disorder b. A drug that inhibits alcohol absorption c. A waste product of alcohol metabolism d. A system of enzymes that oxidizes alcohol and drugs 5. What is acetaldehyde? a. An intermediate in fatty acid synthesis b. An intermediate in alcohol metabolism c. The first product of fatty acid catabolism d. The TCA compound that combines with acetyl CoA 6. What is the percentage of ethanol in 120-proof scotch whiskey? a . 5 b. 30 c. 60 d.
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7. What is the primary organ that oxidizes alcohol? a. Brain b. Liver c. Pancreas d. Digestive tract ALCOHOL AND NUTRITION- ADDITIONAL STUDY RESOURCES IV. Highlight: Alcohol (ethyl alcohol,
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Alcohol and Nutrition _Practice Questions, Study Resources_...

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