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HUN 2201 Lecture Revised 9/12/11 HUN2201 EXAM REVIEW QUESTIONS: Chapter 4 CARBOHYDRATES 1. Which carbohydrates are described as simple and which are complex? 2. What happens in a condensation reaction? In a hydrolysis reaction? 3. Describe the structure of a monosaccharide and name the three monosaccharides important in human nutrition. Name the three disaccharides commonly found in foods and their component monosaccharides. In which foods are these sugars found? 4. Describe the structure of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides and name the ones important in human nutrition. How are starch and glycogen similar and how do they differ? How do the fibers differ from the other polysaccharides? What foods provide starches and fibers? 5. List and describe the different types of fiber. Be able to name foods rich in each type. 6. What are the possible uses of glucose in the body? How does carbohydrate affect the body’s use of protein and fat? What is ketosis?
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