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1st post assignment - as much as possible before they are appointed to represent any type of institution or group of people There are many reasons

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Jenna Levesque JOUR 2601 February 12, 2008 First Post: Campus News Audience: Current and potential CU students and faculty of CU Story: A story about Bruce Benson, whom is the sole candidate running for CU’s next president. He is a controversial candidate in many ways and the student body and faculty have no other voting options, so they are stuck with Benson to represent them. Benson has raised enormous amounts of money that has gone toward CU, but he is also the owner of a multi-million dollar gas company, has a poor driving record, and holds only a bachelors degree in geology. He also attempted to remove the tenure policy several years back when he was elected chair at Metro State College. These, among other reasons make Benson a questionable representative of the university and should be reported to the voters to make sure they are educated about the future of their institution. Why is this news? This is newsworthy because elected officials should be investigated
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Unformatted text preview: as much as possible before they are appointed to represent any type of institution or group of people. There are many reasons to raise an eyebrow at Benson’s suitability as a University official and those he would be representing should be well informed on his policies and plans for the school as they would directly or indirectly affect them after he is elected. Also, it is timely as it is happening right now and it meets the standard of proximity since it is Boulder’s university government at stake. What else? We can include quotes and opinions from both supportive and opposed students and staff and speak with Benson to get his perspective on the situation. We can also access historical documents that show some of Benson’s history in leadership positions to reveal what we can expect from his as a person in power. Contact information and websites can be stated for both Benson’s party and the university....
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