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HUN 2201 Diet Analysis Project, Fall 2011 Background: HUN 2201, Fundamentals of Human Nutrition, is about the study of nutrition. How much do you know about your own nutrient intake? How close is your average food intake to the recommendations? Most consumers have little knowledge of the nutrient composition of their own diet. This project will provide you with information necessary to understand your diet and apply changes for improved nutritional status. Objective: Complete an iProfile nutritional analysis of your diet to discover the nutritional value of your typical food consumption and how this relates to your personal health. Grading Information: This project is worth 50 points , and 5 extra credit points are available if submitted by the early submission deadline. Grading will be based on following directions, accuracy, critical thinking, completeness, grammar, spelling, and neatness of work. Early Submission Deadline: Monday, November 7th, 2011 . Early submissions will receive 5 extra credit points. Submissions after this deadline will not be awarded extra credit. Official Submission Deadline: Monday, November 21st, 2011 by 5:00 PM . Submissions after this deadline will receive NO CREDIT . No excuses will be accepted. Projects may be submitted during class or during office hours. Feel free to submit the project as early as you like. Do not wait! Basic Submission Criteria: - You must submit your project in a folder . Do not submit a three-ringed binder. - You must secure your project with a binder clip . Do not paper clip, and do not staple. - All documents must be placed in the following order: a. Title Page, including name and UFID b. Food Journal Summary c. My DRI d. Intake Spreadsheet e. Intake Compared to DRI f. Macronutrient Distribution g. Energy Balance h. Completed Summary Chart i. Analysis Paper j. Grading Form
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I. iProfile 2.0 Instructions: 1. To register, go to http://iprofile.wiley.com/iprofile2 and click “First Time User Registration”. 2. Select a “Login” name (such as your UF ID), a password, a secret question and answer (to be used if you forget your password) and enter your Registration Code. Click “submit”. 3. Once you are logged in, you will see the welcome screen. At the right side of the screen, there will be instructions for getting started. II. Create Your Profile: 1. Click PROFILE, located at the top menu bar, or in the instructions on the right side of the welcome screen. 2. Input your personal information, and click “Save Changes”.
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DA Instructions MZ - HUN 2201 Diet Analysis Project Fall...

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