Exam 4, Review Questions

Exam 4, Review Questions - HUN 2201 EXAM IV REVIEW...

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HUN 2201 EXAM IV REVIEW QUESTIONS The questions in this document are to help you prepare for the last exam. It is suggested that you formulate answers to these questions using your lecture notes and textbook. You should not only be able to answer the question, but understand the answer well enough to apply the information on a test question. For further assistance, please see your Instructor or Teaching Assistant. The exam will have 75 multiple choice questions and you will have 75 minutes to complete it. You must also know the following conversions: cup to milliliter, fluid ounce to milliliter, pound to kilogram, ounce to gram, inch to centimeter. Memorize them if you don’t know them already . Please bring a non-programmable calculator and your student ID with you to the exam. ENERGY BALANCE, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, AND EATING DISORDERS 1. What is meant by energy balance? What are the consequences of changing the balance between intake and output? 2. What is a bomb calorimeter? What does it measure? 3. Distinguish between direct and indirect calorimetry, giving examples of measurement techniques for each. What is considered the “gold standard” method for measuring energy expenditure? Why? 4. Define each of the components of energy expenditure and the relative contribution of each to total energy output. What factors influence each? How can total energy expenditure be estimated? 5. Know how to convert lb to kg and the factors for males and females for estimating resting energy expenditure. Be able to complete a calculation of total energy expenditure like the example given in class or the examples in the text using the “abbreviated method” for determining REE (see the FYI on pages 322-323). What factor(s) are included in the EER equations that are not included in this quick
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Exam 4, Review Questions - HUN 2201 EXAM IV REVIEW...

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