Food Label Health Claims- The “A” List

Food Label Health Claims- The...

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Food Label Health Claims The “A” List 1) Calcium and Osteoporosis Increased calcium intake, particularly in post menopausal women correlates with a reduced risk of developing the bone loss disease, osteoporosis. In fact, women of all ages should strive to have adequate calcium intake throughout their lifetimes to maintain strong bones. 2) Sodium and Hypertension Most Americans intake excessive amounts of sodium and in some people this is associated with the development of hypertension (called “salt sensitive” hypertension), particularly as people get older. It is thus prudent to decrease sodium intake levels as much as possible throughout your lifetime. There is also a reverse correlation between potassium intake and the development of hypertension (i.e. higher potassium intake levels tend to decrease blood pressure and decrease the chances of stroke). 3) Saturated Fat and Cholesterol and Coronary Artery Disease High intake of saturated fat and cholesterol increases the chances of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Both of
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Food Label Health Claims- The...

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