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PROTEINS: EXAM REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Describe the structure of amino acids and explain how their sequence in proteins affects the proteins’ shapes. What are essential amino acids? What are nonessential amino acids? What is meant by conditionally essential? 2. How does the chemical composition of proteins differ from that of carbohydrates and fats? 3. What happens when proteins are denatured? 4. Describe each of the functions of proteins in the human body. 5. Differentiate between enzymes and hormones. 6. Describe the process of protein synthesis and the concept of protein turnover. 7. Define nitrogen balance. What conditions are associated with zero, positive, and negative nitrogen balance? 8. Know the RDA for protein (g/day) for adults. Be able to calculate a protein RDA for a sample adult. How does the RDA for protein for adults compare to that for infants? Why are they different? How does the protein RDA compare to current average protein intakes in the U.S.? Know the AMDR for protein (% of energy intake). Be able to use these numbers in calculations related to sample food
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Unformatted text preview: intake or food labels. 9. What factors affect the quality of dietary protein? How is protein quality assessed? What is a complete protein? What is an incomplete protein? What is a limiting amino acid? How do animal and plant proteins compare in terms of protein quality? What is meant by “complementary proteins”? 10. What is the Daily Value for protein (g/day)? Why is the %DV not usually listed on a food label? What would a manufacturer need to do in order to list the %DV for protein on a label? 11. Describe the different types of vegetarian diets. How do vegetarians meet their protein needs without eating meat? What are the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarian diets? 12. What are the health consequences of inadequate protein and energy intake? Describe marasmus and kwashiorkor. How are the two conditions different, and in what ways do they overlap? 13. How might excess protein intake affect health?...
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