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HUN2201 Exam Review Questions The questions in this document are to help you prepare for the third exam. It is suggested that you formulate answers to these questions using your lecture notes and textbook. You should not only be able to answer the question, but understand the answer well enough to apply the information on a test question. For further assistance, please see your Instructor or Teaching Assistant. TRACE MINERALS 1. For each of the trace minerals discussed in class (iron, zinc, iodide, copper, manganese, fluoride, chromium, and selenium) be able to identify (use your lecture notes for detail needed): major function(s) key mechanism(s) of homeostasis (e.g. absorption, excretion in bile, excretion by kidney etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: significant food sources effects of dietary deficiency, including groups at risk effects of dietary excess 2. Distinguish between heme and nonheme iron and their mechanisms of absorption. 3. Discuss the factors that influence iron absorption. 4. Identify the stages and symptoms of iron deficiency. How is iron-deficiency anemia different from other nutritional anemias? 5. What causes iron overload? What are its symptoms? 6. Describe the similarities and differences in the absorption and regulation of iron and zinc. 7. What public health measures have been used in the U.S. for preventing simple goiter and protecting against tooth decay? 8. What are goitrogens? Where are they found in foods?...
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