Exam-Four Review - MCB 2000 Exam Three Study guide 1. What...

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MCB 2000 Exam Three Study guide 1. What are chemotherapeutic agents? 2. What are the differences between natural, synthetic, and semi-synthetic antibiotics? 3. Which part of cell could be used as a target for antimicrobial agents 4. What is Beta-Lactam ring? Which group of antibiotics contain beta lactam ring? 5. Describe events happening during inflammation. Which type of immunity does inflammation provide? 6. Why ribosomes are excellent targets against many infectious diseases 7. What is meant by spectrum of activity? 8. Which groups of microorganisms produce antibiotics and Why? 9. Define selective toxicity. It is a term used to describe action of which molecules 10. Mechanisms by which bacteria develop resistance to different anti-microbial drugs 11. Name one mechanism by which resistance may spread through a bacterial population. 12. Know how human activities contribute to the rise of antibiotic resistance 13. Give examples of anti fungal and anti viral drugs 14. Difference between active and passive immunization. Know different forms of vaccine. 15. Serum proteins that kill the invading extracellular bacteria are called: 16. What are some practical uses of ELISA test? Difference between direct and indirect ELISA? 17. Distinguish between natural acquired immunity and artificial acquired immunity. Give examples 18. What is cell-mediated immunity? Humoral immunity 19. Know different components of an antibody structure. 20. Name and describe different types of vaccines
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Exam-Four Review - MCB 2000 Exam Three Study guide 1. What...

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