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Exam One Review Partial List. 1. List and describe the importance of structural staining procedures. 2. List and describe two differential staining procedures. 3. List and describe the use (purpose) of chemicals in the Gram staining procedure 4. Explain how pH and temperature affect protein structure. 5. List examples of bacterial morphology. Give examples. What are the relative sizes of different cells? 6. Describe the important features of plasma membrane? What is meant by fluid‐mosaic model, semi‐permeable or selective permeability? Which molecules have no trouble passing through cell membrane without help of carriers? 7. Compare and contrast active transport and facilitated diffusion. What are the two forms of diffusion 8. Explain why fermentation produces far less ATP than respiration. What are the products of fermentation? How do fermentative microbes regenerate their oxidizing power? Does fermentation requires 9. What are the differences between electron acceptors and electron carriers? Give an example of each. 10. What is meant by terminal electron acceptor? 11. How substrate‐level phosphorylation (SLP) differs from oxidative phosphorylation. Which pathways produce ATP via SLP? Where in cell oxidative phosphorylation (prokaryotes/eukaryotes) happens 12. How can NAD be regenerated from NADH? Why cells must convert NADH back to NAD. 13. How does aerobic respiration differ from anaerobic respiration? How does anaerobic respiration differ from fermentation? Name the final electron acceptors in each process. 14.
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Exam-One Review - ExamOneReview 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9....

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