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Unformatted text preview: 8/24/11 Get Textbook and start reading right away! PSY 2012 General Psychology Get syllabus and course info on the class E ­learning website: h>p:// PSYCHOLOGY [UF Coordinated General Psychology Program] Text by Bernstein et al (9th ed.) FIND IT: campus bookstore must be ISBN #1133301983 Login select PSY2012 secDon 4040 UF Coordinated General Psychology Program You are in secDon 4040 •  Some course info. in textbook •  OrganizaDon of the Course and Your SecDon (2 pages) NOT for secDon 4040 •  General Course Policies (1 page) does NOT apply to secDon 4040 •  Exam InformaDon NOT for secDon 4040 •  Everything else applies SIGN UP FOR RESEARCH REQ. OPTION 1 (studies) OPTION 2* (papers) date TBA PSY 2012 Syllabus COURSE REQUIREMENTS: *COMPLETE ALL READINGS *COMPLETE 5 EXAMS - 40 POINTS EACH *COMPLETE THE RESEARCH REQ. – 50 POINTS SIGN UP FOR CLASS •  •  •  •  I ­clicker APLIA InstrucDons in UF textbook Also see Course Guide on E ­Learning website InstrucDons on website at click on PSY2012 program *Be age 18 by November 1 to do OpDon 1 1 8/24/11 Have a disability? •  Dyslexia? ADHD? WriDng limitaDons? •  InformaDon at •  Sign up for special test accommodaDons by Sept. 2 •  Temporary disabiliDes included (i.e. broken arm, etc.) 2 ...
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