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EXAM INFORMATION All exams, except the final, will have 40 questions (1 point each), including multiple-choice and matching. All exams, except the final, will be administered in our regular classroom, New Physics Bldg, 1001. Except for the final, all exams will begin 5 minutes before class on the day of the exam (2:55 pm). All exam papers must be turned in by 3:40 pm. After all exam papers are turned in, Dr. West will go over the answers in the classroom. The first exam will cover the two main topics we have covered so far -- THE SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGY (chapters 1 and 2 and related topics in class) and MEMORY (chapter 7 and related topics in class). About half of the test will be on memory, and about half of the test will be on the field of psychology and scientific methods. ARRIVING FOR THE EXAM: It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible. Come to each exam with at least one #2 pencil, an eraser, and a picture ID (most likely your Gator 1 card). If your ID is not checked before you turn in the exam, please keep it out on the desk during the exam so that we can check it later. To leave room for everyone, please take the seats closest to the wall (in the two outside sections) and fill in all rows starting from the front. In the middle section, sit in the middle and fill in the seats toward the front so that other students can fill in the row and late-arriving students can take the back rows. The exams will be handed out at 2:55. While the exams are handed out, students who have not yet entered the classroom will be asked to wait outside until all exam papers are passed out. No students will be allowed to move around the room while the exams are being distributed. With 300 people, it will take about 5 minutes to hand out all of the exams. Please be patient. Once the exam begins, no one will be permitted to come or go out of the back doors. All students must enter and exit through the main door in the front. Students are not permitted to wear hats or any kind of armband on exam days. Looking at notes, phones, or Exam Guides during an exam is not permitted. Students are permitted only a pencil and eraser and ID card out on the desk during exams. Any student with a phone open or visible during an Exam will automatically receive a failing grade on that exam – no exceptions. All students are required to have their hands visible above the desktop laps during the entire exam period. If we have any suspicions of any kind of cheating on the exam, we will move you or your neighbor. The person we move will not necessarily be the person causing the problem. COMPLETING THE FORMS: All of your exam answers and identifying information will be recorded on the
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This note was uploaded on 11/27/2011 for the course PSY 2012 taught by Professor Dobson during the Fall '08 term at University of Florida.

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