Memory2 - Exam Notes 1 & Names to Know 1 (MPL due)...

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1 Exam Notes Terms & Names to Know 1 (MPL due) Arrive early – exam out at 2:55 (takes 5) No hats Bring #2 pencil and eraser Hands visible Phone=automatic F Bring picture ID FILL IN THE SEATS!!! Text chapters, lecture 40 minutes: exams end at 3:40 (leave) Answers at 3:45; scores in 2 days 2 MEMORY Information processing Encoding, storage, and retrieval Storage systems-WM & LTM Memory strategies for encoding Retrieval • Improving retrieval • Context effects Additional memory strategies Copyright © 2010 by Robin Lea West 3 Strategies for encoding any technique or method that enhances memory 4 Why use strategies? activate attention connect TBR information (to-be-remembered) use semantic meaning provide retrieval cues require effort make TBR distinctive Copyright © 2008 by Robin Lea West 5 Encoding strategies: Making it meaningful meaning supports LTM • levels of processing - Craik • prior knowledge - Bransford 6 Encoding strategies: rehearsal and review 1 - rote (maintenance) rehearsal
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Memory2 - Exam Notes 1 & Names to Know 1 (MPL due)...

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