Nature Nurture _1 - rhythmicity or regularity 10...

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1 Nature and Nurture • Introduction and terminology • Temperament • Research Methods • Intelligence • Gene-Environment Interactions Copyright @2011 Robin Lea West 2 Nature and Nurture 3 Nature and Nurture 4 Genotype and phenotype • genetic heritage • individual characteristics = 5 Range of reaction • genes set limits on potential phenotype but do not determine the person athletic ability possibilities of enrichment impact of deprivation Low High 6 Nature vs. Nurture • nature • nurture • genotype • phenotype • range of reaction Copyright @2011Robin Lea West
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7 Canalization • extent to which biology controls a trait • highly canalized = no effect experience • most traits are somewhere in the middle 8 Temperament • behavioral style • emotional style • response to environment • related to personality 9 Dimensions of Temperament Thomas & Chess (5) • activity level • approach vs. withdrawal • long-term adaptability • intensity
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Unformatted text preview: rhythmicity or regularity 10 Temperament style: Slow to warm up irregular initial withdrawal from new slow adaptation to change low to moderate intensity 11 Nature vs. Nurture Canalization Temperament 5 dimensions temperament Slow-to-warm-up Copyright @2011Robin Lea West 12 Research Methods Family studies Twin studies identical Fraternal Pattern due to nature or nurture? Examine heritability ratio Examine heritability ratio a correlation % of population variation controlled by genes 13 Research Methods Family studies Twin studies Adoption studies Stability over time 14 Temperament : Research results stability across childhood (3 mo.10 yr.) heritability index about .60 15% slow to warm up effect of experience unclear 15 Nature vs. Nurture heritability ratio research methods (4) results for temperament Copyright @2011Robin Lea West...
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Nature Nurture _1 - rhythmicity or regularity 10...

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