operant cond - Conditioning and Learning Operant...

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1 1 Conditioning and Learning Associative learning Classical conditioning Basic processes Operant conditioning – schedules of reinforcement – reinforcement vs. punishment Stimulus-response vs.cognition Copyright Robin Lea West @2010 2 Operant conditioning increase or decrease the probability of a response, depending on consequences response associated with consequences = operant response 3 Law of effect Thorndike : Stimulus-response connections leading to positive outcomes are strengthened Law of effect stimulus = exam or paper stimulus = party Study and hard work tell jokes good grades friends laugh positive outcome 5 Reinforcement To increase the probability of a response by rewarding it 6 Basic processes acquisition - give reward until response occurs consistently extinction - stop reward until response stops occurring
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2 7 Basic processes generalization - same discrimination - same spontaneous recovery - same 8 Shaping reward behavior that moves the animal closer to the desired behavior reward successive approximations 9 Reinforcement increases probability of a response primary – innate, unlearned, biological – food, water, sex secondary – learned or conditioned – money, clothes, grades Copyright Robin Lea West @2010 10 Operant conditioning
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operant cond - Conditioning and Learning Operant...

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