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LEARNING STYLE INFORMATION Learning style refers to the ways you prefer to approach new information. Each of us learns and processes information in our own special style, although we share some learning patterns, preferences, and approaches. Knowing your own style also can help you to realize that other people may approach the same situation in a different way from your own. (Conner, 2008). One of the more popular instruments of this type is the VARK, developed by Fleming and Mills (1992). Its popularity comes from its face validity, its simplicity, its ease of use, and the wealth of learning materials that have been designed to accompany it. Most users have very practical reasons for using it. Many want to increase awareness and conversation about learner differences as a precursor to encouraging teachers to use more varied instructional methods. Some want to help students become aware of their own preferences so that those students can better plan their own learning strategies to take advantage of their strengths. For these uses, the
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