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ScienceofPsychology - Science of Psychology 1 Psychology...

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1 Science of Psychology PSYCHOLOGY Definition common themes SCIENTIFIC PROCESS definition theory hypothesis observations THE EXPERIMENT Copyright © 2009 by Robin Lea West 2 Psychology defined a science of behavior (including personal reports) of processes that affect behavior emphasis on humans 3 5 Perspectives Biological(t) clinical=personality, emotions, problems, therapy social-cultural(t) Behavioral(t) Cognitive (t) 4 Common themes scientific method behavior has many causes individuals vary but research results typically focus on group tendencies (most people) multiple theories explain same behavior nature (biology) & nurture (learning) context/sociocultural setting matter (Family, Geographic Location, Historical Time Period, etc.) This includes the setting in which the Psychologist lives. 5 Scientific Process What is it? 6 Scientific process 1- questions from experience Why do we do what we do? What previous experiences influence our behavior? 2- examine theories
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7 Theory organized set of ideas ties together related data explains/predicts behavior directs research 8 Theories are tested in research theories are NOT truth 9 THEORY When you look at the world, You see what you seek…. - A theory forces you to think “inside the box” 10 Perspective vs Theory biological clinical social-cultural behavioral cognitive *Perspectives are broader than theories 11 Scientific process 1- questions from experience 2- examine theories 3- design study (later) 4- make predictions 12 Scientific Process Prediction: “Imagery works” E.G. using Imagery to remember peoples names How would you test this?
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