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TA.THER11 - Psychotherapy Treatment Types of treatment...

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1 Psychotherapy / Treatment Types of treatment models Definitions Behavior therapy Humanistic therapy Cognitive therapy Final issues Copyright @2009 Robin Lea West 2 Types of treatment 1. Psychotherapy or "talk" therapy (main one) a. psychodynamic (Freud, Jung, Adler) b. client-centered therapy (Rogers, humanistic) c. cognitive therapy (Beck,Ellis) d. group therapy (support) 3 Types of treatment 2. Behavioral therapy (based on conditioning) biofeedback systematic desensitization aversive therapy thought-stopping social skills training 4 Types of treatment 3. Biomedical therapy a. Drugs (nts or tranquilizing) b. Brain surgery (lobotomy) c. EST - electroconvulsive shock therapy 5 Treatments for… diagnosed disorder personality maladjustment behavior problem mental anguish (anxiety,stress) 6 Biomedical models cause is organic treatment is drugs
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7 Behavioral models cause is maladaptive learning treat with counterconditioning or new conditioning 8 “Talk” psychotherapy overall interpersonal relationship support and trust goal = positive change through understanding 9 Cognitive models caused by irrational beliefs
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