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Planning is all Pervasive - d Planning leads to...

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Planning is all Pervasive. a. It is required at all levels of management and in all departments of enterprise. b. Of course, the scope of planning may differ from one level to another. c. The top level may be more concerned about planning the organization as a whole whereas the middle level may be more specific in departmental plans and the lower level plans implementation of the same. Planning is designed for efficiency.
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Unformatted text preview: d. Planning leads to accompishment of objectives at the minimum possible cost. e. It avoids wastage of resources and ensures adequate and optimum utilization of resources. f. A plan is worthless or useless if it does not value the cost incurred on it. g. Therefore planning must lead to saving of time, effort and money. h. Planning leads to proper utilization of men, money, materials, methods and machines....
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