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Jenna Levesque Jour 2601 March 29, 2008 Hiroshima By John Hersey In the fearsome and dark years of World War two, six survivors retell their horrific experience with the tragic bombing of Hiroshima in a pioneering novel by John Hersey. The esteemed author took an incredibly innovative approach in this story in that for the first time ever, the characters were presented as human beings with families and with genuine human emotion instead of just as survivors that simply make up a percentage of the statistical analysis of the disaster. Hersey manages to capture the human essence while maintaining his journalistic integrity throughout the novel by upholding consistent objectivity and by presenting the all of the facts. The novel begins setting the scene of the Japanese city and the typical lives that the main characters lead before the bombing. Hersey zeros in on several characters; each varied in social standing, age, or general lifestyle differences that help to present a variety of interpretations of the event. The characters range from a young, twenty year-old girl working in a factory and living with her parents to a well-established older male doctor. Hersey even goes so far as to include the account of a local priest who was already suffering from the negative impacts of the war on his family even before the bomb struck. The book, along with history, then takes a tragic toll, as it transitions from the daily casual lives of ordinary citizens to a chaotic account of the lives of each of them as they are completely blind-sided by the attack of the American troops on their sacred city. It is at this point in the novel that the audience becomes truly acquainted with the 1
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characters by witnessing their reactions in the face of catastrophe and despair. However, what many American authors and journalists prior to this novel tended to focus on was
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hiroshima book review jour 2601 - Jenna Levesque Jour 2601...

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