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A group heading - For maintaining motivation the team...

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A group heading towards a common objective will perform best when it is motivated as a team. Team motivation is determined by how well the team members’ needs and requirements are met by the team. Some tips for effective team motivation are as follows: The team’s objective should well align and synchronize with the team members needs and requirements. Give in written the team’s mission and ensure that all understand it (as mission is a foundation based on which the team performs).
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Unformatted text preview: For maintaining motivation, the team should be given challenges (which must be difficult but achievable) consistently. Giving a team responsibility accompanied by authority can also be a good motivator for the team to perform. The team should be provided with growth opportunities. The team’s motivation level is high when the team members feel that they are being promoted, their skills and competencies are being enhanced, and they are learning new things consistently....
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