Functional Foremanship

Functional Foremanship - Time&amp cost clerk is...

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Functional Foremanship a. Taylor advocated functional foremanship for achieving ultimate specification. b. This technique was developed to improve the quality of work as single supervisor may not be an expert in all the aspects of the work. c. Therefore workers are to be supervised by specialist foreman. d. The scheme of functional foremanship is an extension of principle pf specialization at the supervisory level. e. Taylor advocated appointment of 8 foramen, 4 at the planning level & other 4 at implementation level. f. The names & function of these specialist foremen are: - Instruction card clerk concerned with tagging down of instructions according to which workers are required to perform their job
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Unformatted text preview: Time & cost clerk is concerned with setting a time table for doing a job & specifying the material and labor cost involved in it. Route clerk determines the route through which raw materials has to be passed. Shop Disciplinarians are concerned with making rules and regulations to ensure discipline in the organization. Gang boss makes the arrangement of workers, machines, tools, workers etc. Speed boss concerned with maintaining the speed and to remove delays in the production process. Repair boss concerned with maintenance of machine, tools and equipments. Inspector is concerned with maintaining the quality of product....
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Functional Foremanship - Time&amp cost clerk is...

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