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Motivation is a state of mind

Motivation is a state of mind - The employees must be dealt...

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Motivation is a state of mind. High motivation leads to high morale and greater production. A motivated employee gives his best to the organization. He stays loyal and committed to the organization. A sound motivation system in an organization should have the following features: Superior performance should be reasonably rewarded and should be duely acknowledged. If the performance is not consistently up to the mark, then the system must make provisions for penalties.
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Unformatted text preview: The employees must be dealt in a fair and just manner. The grievances and obstacles faced by them must be dealt instantly and fairly. Carrot and stick approach should be implemented to motivate both efficient and inefficient employees. The employees should treat negative consequences (such as fear of punishment) as stick, an outside push and move away from it. They should take positive consequences (such as reward) as carrot, an inner pull and move towards it....
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