Business buying behaviour is influenced by economical

Business buying behaviour is influenced by economical -...

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Business buying behaviour is influenced by economical, company, individual and interpersonal factors . Economical factors like regulatory changes, technology changes, competition, fiscal policy and monetary policy influence buying behaviour. Business buyers are active in tracking and analyzing economical factors. Company level factors also play a major role is deciding buying behaviour. Sales people have to pay importance in understanding how purchase department is organized and players in the department. More professional are joining purchasing department making buying decision
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Unformatted text preview: scientifically driven to align with larger organizational goals. As inventory management is crucial, companies’ prefer long term relation with suppliers. Many individuals from different departments are part of buying decision and it is important for sales people to understand personality traits of as many participants as possible. Geographical factor also influences buying behaviour as culture varies from country to country. Sales people should be acquainted with different cultures....
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