Common sales force structures are as follows

Common sales force structures are as follows - disadvantage...

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1. Common sales force structures are as follows:- Territorial structure is used where every sales representative is assigned specific geographical area. This structure is preferred for building relationships with locals. Product structure is used for complex and un- related product portfolio. Here the sales people are directly associated with research and development of the products. Market structure is used if the companies are operating different industry or market segments. Every sales force specializes in a definite market and helps push a product efficiently across the given market. However, the
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Unformatted text preview: disadvantage would arise if customers are located over a wide geographical area. Complex structure is used when companies are in business of selling complex product to different customer across a large geographical area. Here sales force structure is a combination of other structures discussed. Once the structure is designed companies need to make a decision with respect to the size of the sales force. The size of the sales force is dependent on the market size and number of customers....
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