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Companies after going through the process of identifying competition, also need to do in- depth analyze in terms of nature, strategy, strength, weakness and operation pattern. Companies following similar strategy need to group existing player in a matrix of product offering. For example, in the laptop market, apple is on the high end where as Dell offers low end models. Companies need to understand competitor’s motive and goal to be in the market. US companies believe in shareholder value where as Japanese companies believe in market share. Next companies need to understand competitor’s strength and weakness.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, GM has good reach in USA but its weakness is quality where as Toyota does not have extensive dealer network but offers quality. Competitor’s operating pattern also need careful study like competitor’s action in the face of challenge to their position in the market. To deal with competition companies need to design an intelligence system. Companies need to identify parameters which will help in analyzing the competition . It is then followed by gathering information for which source and methodology have to be finalized....
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