Designing and Managing Service      &Aci

Designing and Managing Service      &Aci

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Designing and Managing Service The art of brand building is through creating strong brand image and brand awareness with customer. However, the brand building process continues even after the product is sold to the customer. Company can come out to be a winner by showcasing differentiation in services at the point of sell and after sell customer service. Furthermore, research has shown that average customers are not happy with after sell services in airlines, bank and hotel industry. It has been observed that companies with help of modern technology are maintaining a database of customer profile. Companies perform analysis on database and choose offer discounts, coupons and charge low services who give maximum business. Companies are not welcoming casual users.
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Unformatted text preview: This sort of differential service creates a bad impression in mind of customer, resulting in abandoning and bad mouthing of the company. There are various ways to deliver superior quality to all customers, but is up-to the company, whether to service just profitable customer. It is general trend in developed economies like USA that services sector is showing highest growth in job creation. Here services include any intangible act from one party to another without any underlying ownership transfer. Services are offered by the airlines, banks, technology firms, armed service, hospital, etc. Basically services can be divided into government backed services, business services, not for profit services and manufacturing services....
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Designing and Managing Service      &Aci

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