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Managing the Sales Force

Managing the Sales Force - difference for the company Sales...

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Managing the Sales Force The face of any organization is the sales force. Companies spend a considerable amount of time and money on sales force rather than on any other promotional activity. However, sales force is expensive and companies are looking forward to managing them in an efficient and effective manner. Designing of the Sales Force Sales force is linking between companies and customer. Therefore, companies have to be careful in designing and structuring sales force. 1. The first step is setting out an objective for sales force. Earlier companies had a single objective increasing sale making it objective also for sales people. Sales people are asked to perform a search for prospective clients or lead. Sales people are asked to balance time between a prospective customer and current customer. Effective communication of product and services is essential to close the deal. Sales people also play an important role in after sales service and can make a
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Unformatted text preview: difference for the company. Sales people are eyes and ears of the company in the market gathering information about competition and customer changing demands. 2. The second step is use sales people strategically. Sales people have to combine efforts with other team members to achieve the objective. Sales people should be aware how to analyze market data been provided and convert them into marketing strategies. 3. The third step is deciding the structure of the sales force. The structure of the sales is dependent on the strategy followed by the company. 4. The next step is to design compensation for the sales force. Compensation plays a big motivational factor for sales people. Companies follow a structure of a fixed amount plus a variable amount depending of success achieved in the market. Allowances play an important factor in the salary owing to continuous travel and market visits....
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Managing the Sales Force - difference for the company Sales...

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